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Here you can use our handy calculator to quickly find out how much Safetely Tyre Protector you’ll need based on your vehicles tyres

How do my tyres measure up?

We’ll need two measurements to see how much Safetely Tyre Protector you will need to keep your tyres safe on the road. The width, simply measure across the top of the tyre and the height, from the ground to the top of your tyre. Input those numbers and get your results emailed to you.

Please note all measurements must be captured in Millimeters

Tyre Type
  • Car Tyre
  • Motorcycle
  • 4x4 Tyre
  • SUV Tyre
  • Caravan Tyre
  • Van Tyre
  • Truck Tyre
  • Bus Tyre
  • OTR Tyre
Number of tyres - Don't forget your spare!
Safetely Tyre Protector in ml
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Total Cost

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